plan-ts Trees and shrubs-Colorful floor plans illustrations for landscape architecture plans rendering

Elevations and Plans

CD- plan-ts watercolors cutout Trees and shrubs symbols illustrations
CD-Plan-ts contains an extensive library of 500 trees and shrubs layout illustrations in elevations view and bird's eye view including: Deciduous Trees, Palm Trees, Desert Plants, Flower Plants and rocks in a variety of shapes and colors.All images are 2d PSD/PNG format.
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CD trees and shrubs-watercolors rendering trees images for architectural elevations and architectural site plans Architectural symbols and texture maps images

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Hand Rendered, digitally cutouts trees and shrubs images  for use in digital Architectural Illustrations-catalog-1

CD-Plan-ts is pleased to announce the availability of our new extensive Trees and shrubs library for Photoshop SketchUp® and other 3d, 2d software's users! These fantastic images library include's high quality Non Photorealistic Architectural Trees and shrubs 2d illustrations in hand drawing water colors rendering style, Trees and shrubs images for elevations views and for floor plans, site plans bird's eye views.
Containing almost 100 images, this collection includes evergreen and leafy trees, bushes, small plants, tropical vegetation, flowers,Conifer/Evergreen, Deciduous/Broadleaf, Bush/Shrub, Palms, Desert plants and much more.
By working with these beautiful Clip Art images you will be able to provide your work the special touch of professional high quality rendering illustrations,
Now you will be able to atrract attention to your landscape planing presentations, to your commercial new construction property or just for your small garden plan design.
Draw fast eye catching landscape architecture elevations and plans by using our new Trees and shrubs watercolor architectural symbols library.
CD-Plan-ts is a great graphic tool for creating Effective architectural visualization these library will add life and lights to your design presentations, For outside scenes, elevations and for site/garden plans CD-Plan-ts images are particularly suited to accomplish this.
The clip-maps of rendered trees and shrubs are perfect "cut-outs", in PSD format for Photoshop users or in PNG format for other software's users.
As usual with products all Images are license-free, and can therefore be used in commercial pictures and designs at no extra charge.
All images are available in the widespread, uncompressed PNG and the Photoshop PSD-formats.
Whether your task is Urban Forestry, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture or Garden Design, we have just what you need.
This data CD works equally well on Windows or Mac.
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